About us

We develop innovative technologies and products, the purpose of which is to supply software developers with tool, providing the fairly structured output of linguistic data to perform further automatic analysis (understanding). Following the academic tradition, we use the syntax parser, as the basic framework of our products.

Who need it

Our technology and products targeted at the systems, which include component of natural language processing. We work to simplify, make cheaper and more reliable your programs and processes. You can abandon the need for designing complex heuristic algorithms for natural language processing and focus on the allocation and analysis of substantial part of the text.

Products and technologies

  • sentiment analysis engine, oem-version (.so or .dll);
  • industrial syntax parser, Russian, English languages, possible to develop the syntagmatic systems for other languages;
  • graphematic analyzer is implemented in the form of a specialized language, allows to recognize the entities, numbers, dates and others, transform their contents in a form suitable for further processing;
  • semantic analyzer, easily customized to client domestic areas.


  • are provided with a monthly evaluation license and the possibility to use the fully functional version of the product.

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